Where can I see your products?


Currently, all of our products are displayed mainly on our website and other media. If you require however further information please do not hesitate in contacting us and we will provide it as soon as possible.


Are all of your products available for order?


Products which are available for order will encase in the description an option to request a quote. Those who don't have are not ready for order yet but we are currently developing them and might be soon.


How can I request a quote?


Once you select the desired product from our gallery you will be taken to the product's page where you will find a brief description and a "Request a quote" option below. This option will open a window asking for a valid email address for us to send you the quotation. Once submitted, it will take only a few minutes until you receive the quotation in your personal inbox.


How do I place an order?


When you finally receive the quote, if you agree with the final price, you will find in the email an option to request a proforma invoice. Once filled and accepted, it will guide you safely through the payment process. As soon as we receive both, we will begin the manufacturing process of your order and we will send you an estimated deadline upon confirmation.


How do I pay the order?


All of our products are specially crafted for each one of our customers, which means we work upon request. For this reason we require a 50% deposit upfront before commencing the manufacturing process. Afterwards, you will be contacted two weeks before completion as a reminder of the remaining payment to avoid any further delays. Upon receiving it, we will deliver the product to the user's delivery address.


Are there any products I can acquire directly?


On ocassion, we do offer flash sales of our limited stock products which we will announce through our social media and newsletter for those interested. However, please feel free to ask about our stock products at anytime and we will inform you in the less brevity possible of our current stock.


How long does it take from confirmation until delivery?


Due to the nature of our products, we expect an estimated 6 to 7 week lead time in all of our products since the first payment is received until the product leaves our warehouse. Please note however that lead times might vary depending on the complexity or volume of the order.


Can I customize an order or request a bespoke design?


All of our orders can be adapted to our customer's personal requirements, either in shape or finish at an additional extra charge. We also offer bespoke services if you require something completely unique outside of our current range of products. Please note however that in both cases, Prieto Studio will still own the design rights of the created products unless otherwise specified.


How will my order be delivered?


We offer different shipment options through one of our various courier services. However, if desired, you can also arrange a collection from our warehouse or use any other preferred delivery options previously notified.


(For any additional information regarding payments, orders or deliveries please follow the top links to our Terms & Conditions page.)