After years of experience working for different prestigious brands in the high-end furniture and lighting industries, the industrial designer Jorge Prieto founded Prieto Studio, an award-winning design studio based in London. Since then, its team has worked on a wide range of projects for renowned companies and professionals, both nationally and internationally, always aiming to excel in its field while breaking moulds with conventional design.




When we think about design we think of new ways to improve our way of life; breathtaking products that stand out among the rest, perfectly balanced between shape and function.


To achieve this we always aim to work with vanguard techniques and materials, working side by side with some of the most skilful professionals in the industry just to create exclusive and unique experiences for each one of our customers, bringing a touch of innovative uniqueness into their houses.




SIT Design Award (2023)

Honorary Mention in Furniture Design.


Iron A' Design Award (2023)

Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design.


Silver A' Design Award

Digital and Electronic Devices Design.


Bronze A' Design Award

Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design.