Terms and Conditions




All prices charged will be those quoted the date of confirmation of the order. All quotations will be valid for 4 weeks from the date of quotation and will include VAT but exclude freight, duties and export taxes.




All orders must be confirmed after a quote has been accepted through our website.


For this purpose, payment of the following invoice, which will be sent after the quote is accepted by the user, will be treated as a confirmation. Please note that any changes done afterward in the order might incur an additional charge. After the payment is confirmed, we will estimate delivery times based on the confirmation date.


Once the payment is received we will proceed to the production of the order. Any delays in the payment will postpone the manufacturing and delivery dates and affect the lead times consequently.


If you would like to apply a different fabric or finish to one of our products, please send us a sample along with any relevant information so we can verify if it is possible before commencing the order. We do not take responsibility however for any incorrect information supplied. If confirmed, we will notify you with any additional charges if applicable.


Two weeks before the completion date agreed, you will be notified with an invoice for the remaining payment. We will proceed to the delivery of the order once we receive the payment and the order is completed. Please notice however that payment must be done 5 working days before the completion date to avoid further delays, otherwise we will be unable to send the order on the agreed date and storage fees will be applied.


Any confirmed orders canceled before its completion date will be previously accepted at the manager's discretion and will incur an additional 20% charge.




All quotes include the delivery of the order from our workshops to our warehouse in Milan. Delivery charges to the client's delivery address will be estimated accordingly upon completion of the order.


We would like however to offer you additional delivery and collection services in case required.


You are more than welcome to collect it through a courier of your choice from our warehouse within the 24 hours of receiving the notice of collection. Please provide your courier therefore with the correct invoice number before collection. We will not be able to supply packaging, protection or manpower for this purpose so please ensure the service of your choice covers this for the correct delivery.


If however, you prefer to be delivered, we are delighted to offer you different options that go from boxed courier services to sea or air freight.


Once selected the delivery method, we will estimate and notify you with the preferred option at any stage during the order.


If it is neither possible for you to collect nor be delivered within 5 days of the completion date, you may use or storage services which will be paid monthly or weekly in advance depending on the length of the time we are storing it.




Any damaged or missing goods delivered by Prieto Studio will be replaced or returned in the briefest time possible to amend the situation. To this end, we require the client to provide us with the information below: Within 3 days after the goods are received, we will need a notification which will include photos of the damaged item and packaging as well as a Returns Form to provide you with a replacement order.


Prieto Studio takes no responsibility for damages taken during transit by the client's own shippers or deliveries done through third party websites. Additionally, we will require a signature from any client who wishes to choose their own couriers on collection confirming that they are receiving the orders in good condition and the boxes are labeled correctly with their specifications. Their shippers should, therefore, provide them with the necessary insurance to cover the order.




All products and designs exhibited on our website or third parties are exclusive to Prieto Studio and the copy or reproduction of any of them will infringe the current EU Design Right laws and copyright. As a member of the ACID organization, Prieto Studio will pursuit and take legal actions against any of the users involved in the before mentioned activities.




Prieto Studio currently owns the right of the images displayed on our website and its use. If any of the images is required by third parties interested, Prieto Studio will allow its publication upon following the following criteria:


- All images must be approved by Prieto Studio before publishing them.


- Their publication is mainly for visual purposes and should not be used for online purchases nor display prices in any circumstances.